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How can I access Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Posted October 20th, 2016 by Cambridge Online

How can I access Microsoft Dynamics NAV
10 September 2016
Microsoft Dynamics NAV is accessible today through many devices and platforms whether you are in office or on the go.
Windows Client
Traditionally you can access Microsoft Dynamics NAV via the Windows Client, which is installed on your Windows computer. It’s this client that the power users are using, you can use all the features of Dynamics NAV and select between different NAV Service Instances / databases.


It is also possible to deploy this type of client with the “Click Once” technology. This way the client settings and components are controlled from a server in a centralised way. It looks the same as the Windows Client and you can perform the same activities.

The users can install the client from an online installation page:


Web Client
The web client is a great way to access Microsoft Dynamics NAV from any device or platform.
It is possible to use it from a Windows, Apple or Linux computer and it is also possible to access it from a Windows, Apple or Android mobile device.
The web client users are typically using one area of the system to perform tasks such as shipping or receiving, timesheet entry.


Universal Client
The universal client is a great way access Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The application can be downloaded from the Windows Store, Itunes Appstore and Google Play. The purpose of universal client depends on the device it’s being used on.
Using a smartphone the users can quickly access their role centres to see their outstanding tasks, look at performance through charts, access customer balances.


Using a tablet we can take and process documents, perform warehouse activities and more..


Using a Windows Computer or Tablet it gives us a similar experience to the web client:



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