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Keeping your business software up-to-date
6 reasons you should keep your business software up-to-date

6 reasons you should keep your business software up-to-date

Posted May 25th, 2017 by Cambridge Online

Keeping your business software up-to-date is an important step to ensuring your business is running as efficiently as possible. Here’s our biggest reasons why you shouldn’t delay your upgrade:

  • Security holes
    By keeping your business software up-to-date, you reduce the risks of a security breach. When the system is updated, the known security holes are fixed, meaning your solution is more secured against known threats.
  •  Increased Functionality
    Updated business software comes with new and exciting functionality. With Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft invest into their future road map significantly. This means, each new update is feature rich to make businesses life easier and more efficient. 
  • Bug fixing
    This benefit is exactly as the title says, each upgrade of business software will be an improvement on the last, meaning an upgrade will fix any bugs which are effecting current business.
  • Compatibility
    As technology capabilities move forward, so does our technology in business. Like how a smart phone has aps, and if you’re not on the phones latest version, the aps won’t work; business software works in the same way. To ensure all your business add-ins work together, we must be using the up-to-date versions.
  • Support
    Business software runs on a support life cycle. The older the solution, the less likely the software will be supported, or the harder it will to fix; which could result in costly support bills for your business.
  • Speed
    Now more than ever, we live in an instant world. We expect our everyday life to be efficient and time effective. This goes without saying it’s the same with our business software. As the solutions ages, it becomes less efficient and slow as technology surpasses it. By ensuring your business is running up-to-date software ensures your business is operating at the speed you need.

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