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A Day in the life of QAA Microsoft Dynamics Quality Assurance Analyst
A Day in the life of QA

A Day in the life of QA

Posted June 19th, 2017 by Cambridge Online

Like the above…

Everyday my morning starts just the same: finding a parking space, pushing through the big swinging doors, signing myself in and then grabbing a glass of cold water. 

Making my way to my desk, I sit on my blue swivel chair, turn on my laptop and check my emails to see how my day will pan out.

I have worked in the Quality Assurance department for Cambridge Online for 8 months, everyday has its different challenges. We just can’t predict what you’re going to be asked to test, which makes it so interesting. 

QA is a key pillar in Cambridge Online’s success for a number of reasons:

1. It is a pivotal part of the whole project process.
Our product will be ready for release at a much higher standard; the more our team implement quality assurance, the more confident we feel releasing the product to the customer.

2. Improved customer satisfaction.
By introducing QA early into the process, I do not have to wait for feedback to come from our customers, to find out if their software is buggy.

3. It reduces the cost of development.
Allowing us to fix things efficiently and quickly rather than having to spend time pausing future development whilst we fix pre-existing bugs.

4. Continually Testing.
If you QA as you go, not only can deployment become continuous, we stand a much lower risk of our software having bugs and the customer being unhappy.

Ultimately QA is important as it reduces risk, assures you meet industry standards, and helps attract and retain users.

As a member of the QA a team and the last wall of defence before the product goes out the door, I try my best to find any errors and rectify them, saving companies time and money. Not bad for a day’s work!

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