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Bespoke solution to fit your business needs

Bespoke solution to fit your business needs

Posted November 5th, 2015 by Cambridge Online

Cambridge Online have many years of experience at helping businesses through tailoring world-class systems to manage their business processes, and we’ve recently helped two large restaurant chains to simplify and manage this complexity through the power of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Food Industry centralised system

At Cambridge Online we understand just how complex the food industry can be and how managing everything at once is difficult, time consuming and may need several systems to bring the relevant information together.

If you or your suppliers make changes, how will this affect your dietary, costs, profitability information and how you communicate with your restaurants? 

Centralised system
With one system we can help you manage the relationship between suppliers and ingredients, keep connected with your restaurants and keep track of nutritional and allergy information. Any changes are made once and cascade through, so there is no rekeying information.

Keep all your information in one place and benefit from:

  • Sharing information across departments
    Remove the risk of duplication and benefit from quick communication
  • Supply chain management 
    Keep track of all your products, from their dietary and allergy information, to price and location
  • Forecasting
    Forecast the impact of any changes to suppliers or products on profitability

Supplier Portal
Whether it’s bringing on-board a new supplier, re-entering nutritional and allergy data due to a change in ingredients, or understanding the impact on profitability due to a change in supplier pack sizes, keeping on top of this constantly changing landscape can be both difficult and time consuming.  With the supplier portal chains can manage their supplier relationships, reduce their work load and simplify previously complex processes. 

The benefits of Supplier Portal are:

  • No more re-keying data
    Take the pain out of managing change by allowing your suppliers to input the data
  • Automated workflows
    Any changes or updates are sent to the right person for approval and sign off
  • Full visibility
    Have real-time visibility on the status of any changes or updates

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