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Disrupt or die…

Disrupt or die…

Posted March 31st, 2017 by Cambridge Online

If disruption is the question, transformation is the answer. Disruption will knock on every businesses door eventually and you can turn it into your advantage. 

Our CEO Thomas Honoré has co-written a bestselling book in Denmark called Disrupt or die: using his 20+ years’ experience leading tech firms, he writes to help executives turn disruption into a business advantage.

He says 9 out of 10 businesses cannot keep up with fast moving development. The key for this is to remember that it is not always necessary to be the first mover, but just to be on board the train. 

We need to get ready: What should we do if our business is going away?

Listen to the extract of Disrupt or die here and learn how you can use disruption to your advantage. 


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