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Dynamics 365 Driven by needs
Dynamics 365 driven by needs

Dynamics 365 driven by needs

Posted July 27th, 2017 by Unknown

Dynamics 365 driven by needs (think apps!)

Dynamics 365 covers business needs on four levels; 365 for Operations, Sales, Finance and Enterprise. These offerings are driven by business need and complexity rather than the traditional way of positioning software products.

These business levels look at different business needs including:

Functionality meaning the ability to address core processes, be that reconciling your bank accounts, ordering stock or chasing customers for payments.
User experience refers to how user friendly the system is. No point having the best functionality or technology if your users can’t get on with it!

Technology looks at over 15 years’ investment allowing the user to know how to use the system, and the system knowing what the user wants. Dynamics 365 has been optimised so everything is available in one space. Scrolling to the 4th page of your CRM or finance solution is like scrolling to the 4th page of Google. Not very likely.

Business Strategy understands the whole process from design, usability and experience so the ‘shoe’ (software) always fits, whether you’re a global manufacturer, sales force, finance only or have a more complex need you only pay for what you need.

Microsoft is driven by two needs: a desire to grow the cloud business and the need to retain both existing customers and competitive market position. Our advice, select the best technology to meet your business needs, be that operational, technical or strategic. Microsoft Dynamics offers solutions to meet all business requirements.

View our infographic to find out how Dynamics 365 will change cloud computing.

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