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FAQ: Dynamics 365

Posted December 8th, 2016 by Cambridge Online

How will the transition happen from Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online to Dynamics 365?

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online product transition will happen initially with a branding change – so if you are already using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online you may have already noticed the change to ‘Dynamics 365’. Upon your renewal date for your subscription, you will be required to review the new licencing types and agree to a new contract and monthly cost based o those. Cambridge Online can assist you in choosing the right licence for your needs and also recommend the optimised route for your business based on the latest discounts.

Is there anything I need to do?

It is recommended you check when your subscription renews, which can be found on your Office 365 Dashboard and also review the new licence structure offered by Microsoft here – https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/pricing

Is my data okay?

Your data is still hosted in the cloud in the same way it was with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

What is the Project Madeira/financial offering being added?

The financial offering for Dynamics 365 is offered with Enterprise edition Plan 2 and it is a Software As a Service model for ERP and has been inspired by the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Functionality which has been traditionally only offered in on-premise versions.

Can I back out and cancel my subscription and choose another CRM?

You can choose to not renew your subscription when it is due and migrate to another Customer Relationship Management System. This will be your decision however your organisation would have to plan for moving the data and any functionality you require over to your new system.

What will I lose and what will I gain?

The new licencing structure of Dynamics 365 has allowed for more flexibility in what you can use within the system, effectively separating out the Sales, Service and Marketing functionality as required whilst adding custom automation capabilities and mobility options such as Flow and Power Apps. We recommend that you choose a licence that allows you to continue using the functionality that you currently do with CRM, and therefore you should not ‘lose’ any functionality – instead you might lose functionality you in fact didn’t make use of, potentially saving you money and streamline your user experience. For Enterprise level plans, you gain access to Flow and Power Apps which has the potential to enhance your system and business.

Why has this happened?

This has happened as Microsoft are moving forward with technology to allow businesses to make way for a ‘digital transformation’ – this means as an organisation it is trying to empower organisations to do more and by modularising the licencing structure of CRM and bringing in new functionality, it means that the software as a service model can be used to its fullest capabilities and to the flexibility of any business.

How will I be supported?

Support will not change from Cambridge Online and if you have a support contract this will simply be reviewed every year as normal.

Are there any other options?

There are options to move to an on-premise version, however the branding and functionality is going to be similar between the online versions. As an organisation you have to either manage internal servers and their maintenance or maintain a hybrid environment on the cloud using Azure or a similar hosting platform. If you have any questions about moving from Online to On-Premise please contact us to discuss as we are really excited about the move to Dynamics 365 and would like to work through your options what it means to you.

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