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Grid View Editor

Grid View Editor

Posted July 16th, 2015 by Cambridge Online

gridNeed a faster way to edit your contact information?
At Cambridge Online, we are always looking to improve your experience with CRM. In order to achieve this we want to bring to you ‘customable’ solutions to fit your business needs.
Imagine the ease of updating your data with a single click…
Introducing the Grid View Editor for Microsoft Dynamics CRM! This CRM web application allows you to save time when editing and updating details, without opening records.

The Grid View Editor main functionalities are:

  • Inline editing
    It is now possible to inline edit on the Primary entity fields
  • Save all changes
    Just click and release for edit and update
  • New options:
    - Editable lookups and changeable option sets available
    - Read only fields are not able to be updated
    - Paging is included
  • Instant ‘look-ups’
    Click on any record in view to see the main related information 
  • Validation
    Included in each field (mandatory field, email expression, number expression and more)

 Grid View Editor – updating details without the need to open records

Screenshot 1 Edited

 Inline Editing

Screenshot 2 Edited

 Look-up Capability

Screenshot 3 Edited 

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