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Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Artificial Intelligence

Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Artificial Intelligence

Posted April 27th, 2017 by Unknown

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are significant technologies in Microsoft’s vision of the digital future. Small wonder then that Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 includes a Cortana Intelligence suite. Big wonder at how this technology is changing our lives!

The Cortana Intelligence extension enables Dynamics NAV to acquire knowledge of potential future sales from past data and a clear overview of expected stocks and sales development. It can also be used with the Cash Flow functionality to help predict the health of the bottom line!

“Sales and Inventory Forecast” in Dynamics NAV 2017 covers the following functional areas on the base of historical data:
• Forecast within the cash flow module

• Inventory forecast and direct creation of purchase orders

• Sales forecast

The Cortana Intelligence suite works with the existing planning and cash flow tools within Dynamics NAV using an additional layer of prediction to create the forecasts. When used for Inventory forecast, the extension uses a trained algorithm within the cloud service Azure Machine Learning, and issues this data to the user to review and then create Purchase Orders with a single click (following your workflow process, of course!).

Cortana can be used as a prediction tool for many areas of Dynamics NAV, such as predicting future sales based on past sales of an item, cash flow based on payables and receivables, as well as predictions of what a customer might buy based on what similar customers have bought. This could be based on buying patterns, demographic, location etc.

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 Cashflow with Cortana

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