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Mobility Solutions- Changing how we do business

Posted July 21st, 2015 by Cambridge Online

The changing business landscape

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How we do business has changed dramatically in the past decade and the pace of change is only increasing. It wasn’t too long ago that something as simple as sending an email from a customer’s premises involved multiple devices and a pinch of luck.

With the roll-out of superfast mobile communications networks and the development of ever more powerful mobile devices, what we can do and where we can do it has been transformed, and smart businesses are taking advantage of these changes to improve how they work, benefitting their customers and their bottom line.

” 29 percent of the global workforce are now ‘anytime, anywhere information workers’ who use three or more devices.” - Forrester Research

Companies are increasingly turning to mobility solutions and this transformation and trend is powered by the following key factors:

  • Off-the-shelf apps are becoming commonplace
  • App development is made far easier through the availability of customisation and integration platforms
  • Workforce are adopting mobility solutions across a range of device types. This is accelerated where companies place a BYOD (Bring your own device) policy at the heart of their mobile strategy.

Never before have businesses had the opportunity to interact so closely with their employees. The adoption of smartphones and tablets, along with improvements in mobile technologies and the growing availability of business apps, are creating new ways for businesses to empower their workforce.

Dynamics CRM for Tablets and Phones

Microsoft recognised these trends and workplace transformations early on and has invested in mobility solutions in support of Microsoft CRM, its customers and their users.
Dynamics CRM now provides everything you need on a single screen on any device, so you can sell smarter and faster while you’re on the go. Touch-first mobile apps provide a consistent experience across PC, phone, and tablet, letting you update activities, contacts, and opportunities and get real-time insight on the metrics that matter most.

Custom Mobility Solutions

Cambridge Online is an experienced of provider of mobility solutions, both in making best use of standard features but also through the creation of custom Apps in support of specific business requirements.

Examples of bespoke mobility solutions
Customer Inspections

For a number of our service clients, a key part of their business process is the regular on-site inspection of their products or services. Cambridge Online developed bespoke mobility solutions with the following functionality:

  • Secure access with authentication details being maintained centrally back in Dynamics CRM
  • Branded apps, reinforcing the customer’s brand image
  • Site information including location, contacts and communication details
  • Collection of appointment information in relation to the job / site visit
  • Status Management to trigger workflows within Dynamics CRM
  • The ability to complete on-site inspections with
                       Online / Offline Access
                       Dynamic Questions and Answers
                       Response Scoring
                       Picture Uploads
  • Integration with back office solutions for billing and finance.


Consumer Apps: Product Registration & Warranty

Cambridge Online not only develop mobility solutions for internal use, we also develop self-service solutions for the customers of our customers. We recently developed a consumer app for one of our customers so anyone who purchased one of their products could easily register their new product for warranty purposes, as well as arrange scheduled maintenance and simple parts ordering. The key functionality delivered was:

  • Secure access with authentication details being maintained centrally back in Dynamics CRM
  • App Branding to support the image of the company
  • Account management through the maintenance of personal details including
                  Contact / Communication
                  Security Details
  • Product management
                  Warranty Registration
                  Product Information
  • Messaging
  • Ordering (the ordering of products including spares)
  • Payments 

All of these features integrate seamlessly into Dynamics CRM to provide a powerful and efficient self-service solution.

Benefits of Mobility Solutions

The best mobility solutions change, improve or refine existing business processes, removing duplication to free-up time for more value-added activity. Since implementing mobility solutions, our customers have:

  • Increased employee responsiveness and decision-making speed
  • Increased worker productivity
  • Increased visibility of data including KPIs
  • Faster customer issue resolution 
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Reduced fuel, travel and maintenance costs
  • Reduced sales cycle time
  • Increased sales revenues
  • Competitive differentiation

To find out more about how Cambridge Online can help your organisation take advantage of mobility solutions, please contact us today.

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