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Public Organisations: Move to the Cloud in hours… not weeks!

Public Organisations: Move to the Cloud in hours… not weeks!

Posted April 5th, 2017 by Abigail Heaton

If you’ve ever worked for, or with a Public Organisation, you’ll know how many hoops you must jump through to follow the rules and regulations.

Not anymore for the Microsoft Cloud, Azure! After a company revealed a new blueprint reinforcing the security of the Cloud, the time it will take Public Organisation to move to the Cloud has been slashed down to just a few hours!

We can hear the hurrahs of the Public Organisations from here!

The Microsoft Cloud, Azure, released in 2010 has followed the security recommendations, but the blueprint reinforces this, making it even easier for organisations to start benefitting from its functionalities.

The blueprint includes practices on asset protection, security and user data making it quicker and easier to start storing large amount of data in Azure.

Microsoft states “Organisations can sign up to Azure to transform how they work, whilst knowing that their data is secure and available across a range of scenarios.”

They also explain “This template delivers a secure hybrid environment that extends an on-premise network to Azure, allowing web-based workloads to be accessed securely by corporate users or from the internet,”

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