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Retailers and Digital Leadership Disruption

Retailers and Digital Leadership Disruption

Posted June 8th, 2017 by Cambridge Online

The leadership around disruption is one of the most important factors in surviving, long term, as a company. Digital leadership untimely decides if a company disrupts or dies.

Disruption is coming to all industries, especially retail. Consumers are expecting more, technology is evolving at such a speed even the largest organisation struggle to keep up in all directions and we need to know our businesses have the best strategies behind them. Even after deciding to disrupt, how are we sure we are picking the right area to do it in? We can all think of businesses who either made the call to ignore the changes or those who choose the wrong changes to follow. As business, are biggest challenge is understanding the strategy for future growth, not just now, but 10 years into the future. 

Does your leadership want to promote change? Do they want to disrupt the market place?

We asked 115 retail businesses and IT leader about their views on digital leadership:

Retail disruption on digital leadership results

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