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Disruption is comingbut are we ready?
Retailers and Industry Disruption

Retailers and Industry Disruption

Posted June 8th, 2017 by Cambridge Online

Disruption will eventually knock on every businesses door; whether that be a minor change to how we work or a restructure of our market as we know it. Staying ahead has never been so important.

Even if we think back 20 years into the retail industry. How different was our shopping experience then? A time before online shopping, when next day delivery was just a dream and the thought of being able to purchase from a smart phone wasn’t even a possibility. If we weren’t constantly evolving, where would our companies be now?

The retail industry is evolving fast! Large retail suppliers are trialling drones for same day delivery, there are robots in the warehouses and consumers are expecting more and more.

The next disruption is coming; but are we ready for it?

We wanted to know the answer to this question so we surveyed 115 retail businesses and IT leaders on industry disruption. We found a large 54% expect their sector to be significantly disrupted over the next 2 years. And another 39% think their current business model as less than 5 years left to run.

So we agree our worlds are evolving, but how can we stay ahead? That’s the topic our CEO Thomas Honoré covers with fellow writer Tune Hein in their bestselling book, Disrupt or Die. Download an extract here


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