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Save time with your contact information!

Posted June 16th, 2015 by Cambridge Online

Entity Quickviewer logoAre you looking to save time with your contact information?
At Cambridge Online, we are always looking to improve your experience with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. In order to achieve this we want to bring to you customisable solutions to fit your business needs…Introducing the Entity Quickviewer!
This CRM applications allows you to save time, with your contact information you want, when you want it! You can view a list of all your contacts and have fast access to the core detail.

Entity Quickviewer gives you:

- See all of your important contact data in one place
Provides fast access to the core details, without having to use a read only system view or opening each contact individually

- View multiple contact records at once
Access and navigate through multiple contact records from a single page application

- Define contacts by filters
Ability to filter the contact lists based on pre-defined requirements

- Easily move between contacts
Ability to save details and move on to the next contact list, in a single click

- Mitigate the number of clicks needed to do tasks
Access to the all contacts, with fewer clicks, preventing you from ‘getting lost’

Entity Quickviewer contact desktop
Edited Screenshot

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