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Microsoft Dynamics NAV Down with lists!
User Interface in Dynamics NAV 2017: Down with lists!

User Interface in Dynamics NAV 2017: Down with lists!

Posted March 30th, 2017 by Unknown

Since Microsoft Dynamics NAV’s version 1 (this ancestor was known as Navision Financials), data has been presented in lists (okay also cards but that’s for individual records!). With Dynamics NAV 2017, the ordinary list has been transformed.

Lists are great, you can select which columns you would like and in which order. You can associate Fact Boxes to show snap shot information; for example, if you are on an item list you might have a fact box to show stock availability. You can add a freeze pane. You can opt to show any Dynamics NAV list as a chart. You can filter, add multiple filters, you can use limit totals and you can save filter criteria. You can display a summary of a list as tile on your home page / role centre. For example, a list of outstanding sales order could be shown as a box with the number of orders still open, or the total value of the order, or the average number of days that they have been open for. You could R-A-G code that; you could add alerts and work flow to that.

Crikey, it seems that there is no end to what you can do with a list! But wait, did I mention that you can export any list to Excel and for some lists, you can edit the data in Excel and then reimport (or even copy and paste) the new values into NAV!

So why would anyone want to improve on lists?! Well, it has been said by some (usually not finance users) that it all looks a lot like Excel. For some reason some people see this as a down side!

Microsoft has listened and Dynamics NAV 2017 can display any list as bricks or (where applicable) picture thumbnails. The user can decide on size of said bricks or thumbnails. This is not just a pretty picture; the dynamics, interactive interface means that all can be drilled down, exported, queried, supported by fact boxes etc.

So if you have users who prefer bricks and pictures to lists, NAV 2017 engages all users.

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