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Quick and easy document management at your fingertips
Zetadocs: Capture. Deliver. Share.

Zetadocs: Capture. Deliver. Share.

Posted November 5th, 2015 by Cambridge Online

Are you suffering from time consuming, paper-based document management?
Want to achieve cost savings and faster response times?

Zetadocs is a document management add-on for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, integrating with on premise and cloud editions on SharePoint. Zetadocs also improves compliance, strengthens security, provides disaster recovery, speeds auditing and is fully customisable.

Zetadocs for NAV Capture allows incoming emails, faxes or scanned documents to be electronically filed against a record in NAV, increasing customer service.

  • Reduce the cost
    With filing and retrieving data
  • Fewer human errors
    Avoid misfiled or lost documents, emails and faxes
  • Quicker and easier capture of incoming documents, emails and faxes
    Allowing instant access from a secure, central location
  • More efficient
    In your sales, purchasing and other document approval processes
  • Ease compliance to corporate or regulatory guidelines
    By filling documents electronically

Zetadocs for Dyanmics NAV allows electronic documents to be sent quickly and efficiently from within NAV, reducing costs of printing, packaging and posting documents.

  • Automatically generate batch emails with relevant attachments
    Improve quality of emails and reduce admin time
  • Automatically save documents in a central source 
    Improved, company wide access via SharePoint for  both NAV and non-NAV users
  • Overlay corporate branding
    Fully customisable templates and attachments for a professional finish
  • Digitally sign PDF documents
    Added security and assistance within EU guidelines

Zetadocs for Dynamics NAV  allows your staff to deal with customers queries or disputes, leading to speedy resolutions and improvements in your customer service.

  • Ensure your staff have access to all needed documents
    Multiple people able to access the same files at a given moment
  • Empower colleagues who don’t have NAV
    Give them direct access to information
  • Reduce audit times
    Ensuring all information is immediately available
  • Run authorisation processes more efficiently
    Inform approval managers via email when documents require their sign-off online

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