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Microsoft Dynamics NAVWhen there is no 'off the shelf' option
NAV for Bespoke

NAV for Bespoke

Dynamics NAV (Navision as it was then) was first launched in 1996. Today it has evolved and offers extensive functionality, both as standard and through Microsoft Certified extensions. This was not true of early versions! To address this the product provided access to the development environment and this option has remained with all subsequent versions.

When there is no ‘off the shelf’ option, or the functionality needs a tweak to fit your process, Dynamics NAV is the ideal solution. Residing in its own development environment, Dynamics NAV has been designed to support customer specific enhancements that work alongside standard functionality.

Why choose NAV for Bespoke?

Development Environment

Dynamics NAV has always provided access to the development environment; in early versions it was a necessity! Nowadays, the seamless integration of your developments means that your users will not even notice the difference. All fields are indexed, changes compiled and de-bug tools assist with the process. Once changes are released, all the new fields are automatically available for searching, filtering and reporting: just like the standard software.


Dynamics NAV is designed to support customer specific developments so comes with tools to assist the upgrade progress. Over the last few versions Microsoft has significantly improved these tools to make upgrade of bespoke objects even easier.
(NB: It is true that upgrading a developed system is more work than upgrading a standard system. The amount of work depends on the specific development. This is why development should only ever be undertaken when there is clear business benefit!)

Support from Partner Channel

Unlike traditional bespoke projects where you may have relied on one developer, Dynamics NAV is supported by an extensive partner network. Because the code is accessible to a suitably licensed partner, there is no lock in to any one partner. All Microsoft Certified partners follow Microsoft’s coding standards.