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Microsoft Dynamics NAVAddresses the requirements for production management
NAV for Manufacturing

NAV for Manufacturing

Dynamics NAV addresses the requirements for production management, including MRP and CRP. The standard functionality supports general processes for bill of material management, routing and scheduling – including a graphical scheduling tool with drag and drop features.
Certified by Microsoft add-ins such as To-Increase’s solutions help optimise planning and production in the industry equipment and food manufacturing industries.

Coupled with Dynamics NAV’s ability to support Supply Chain, Sales Order Processing and Finance, Dynamics NAV for manufacturers connects the whole ERP process from order entry, to shop floor to delivery.

Why choose NAV for Manufacturing?

Demand Forecasting

In recent years, Microsoft has become almost obsessed with helping manufacturers with demand forecasting. Within Dynamics NAV there are strong graphical tools that present forecast data based on sales patterns and inventory parameters (e.g. min/max levels and re-order policies).

With PowerBI and Predictive Analysis, the Demand Forecast can be taken outside of Dynamics NAV, crunched with Big Data (e.g. weather forecast) and variables (e.g. product promotions) to flex the plan before bringing it back into the ERP system to take forward into Production Planning.

Production Planning and Management

Whether the policy is make-to-order, make-to-stock or assemble-to-order (or a combination!), Dynamics NAV will calculate net material requirements and manage Capacity Planning.
Fully integrated with the Purchasing functionality, material demand is easily converted into Purchase Orders and sent for approval or directly to supplier..
Dynamics NAV’s Production Planning is agile and will accommodate the short-notice orders and exception management.

Order Promising

Enable your sales team to advise customers on order fulfilment with Available to Promise (ATP) and Capable to Promise (CTP) visibility.
Dynamics NAV also captures the customer’s Requested Date to work back into the plan. Workflow and alerts at every stage of the production process can keep your customers up to date on progress.

Industry Extensions

As standard, Dynamics NAV has strong, general manufacturing functionality capable of meeting the basic needs of most manufacturers. To extend this we also offer specific, Microsoft Certified solutions for manufacturers involved with Industrial Equipment Manufacturing (IEM) and Food Manufacturing.